Top Diet Plans for Men to Weight Loss

Looking for diet plans for men to weight loss? Most men with excess body weight will quickly rush to the gym to have their body weight cut. While this is a valid option for reducing weight, it is also important to note that weight lifting without a proper diet plan is baseless. This is because a man is likely to gain every weight he loses after working out and eating non-healthy foods. It is out of this that diet plans for men will be highlighted with an aim of providing safer solutions for men to lose weight without having to regain weight again. In doing so, the top diet plans that men use to lose weight will be reviewed.

Top Diet Plans for Men

Paleo Diet

This is one of the most popular healthy diets known for reducing weight. A paleo diet is that which has been based on what is presumed to have been eaten by early men. This diet consists of only healthy food substances and avoiding grain and processed food. Meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are the main foods that are eaten when one is on this diet plan. Over 90% of men under this diet end up losing a significant amount of fat from their body. This is the best meal plan for weight loss.

Paleohacks CookbookCabbage Soup Diet

Men who want to lose weigh fast should also think of the cabbage soup diet. This is a seven day diet in which a man will be required to intake as much cabbage soup as possible. A man under this diet is allowed to take in other foods to supplement the cabbage soup. Here below is a quick sneak view of what a man should eat for the seven days under this diet plan.

    • Day 1: Cabbage soup and fruits excluding bananas
    • Day 2: Cabbage soup with vegetables and a little butter
    • Day 3: Cabbage soup plus vegetables with no potatoes and bananas
    • Day 4: Cabbage soup + bananas (up to 8) and skimmed milk
    • Day 5: Cabbage soup + about 20 ounces of meat and about 6 tomatoes
    • Day 6: Cabbage soup + beef and vegetables without potatoes included
    • Day 7: Cabbage soup plus the healthy brown rice, lots of vegetables with no potatoes and fruit juice.

The Russian Air Force Diet

This is one of the best diet plans for men. Originally created for the Russian military, this is a 7-day diet plan that keeps men fit through losing unwanted fat in the body. It is a strict diet that requires one to drink at least 4 glasses of water or club soda per day. The typical Russian Air Force day’s diet is black coffee for breakfast, two eggs and tomato for lunch and 7 ounces of red meat with green salad for supper. In this strict diet, you can only season your meals with salt, pepper, vinegar, herbs, soy sauce, ketchup or mustard.

The Pegan Diet

This is a hybrid diet of vegetarian and paleo diets. Men can alternatively combine the principles of paleo diet with that of a complete vegetarian diet (vegan) to maximize their quest to lose weight.

The vegetarian diet requires men to only take vegetables in their meals while the paleo diet constricts men to the foods that were eaten by early humans. Combining these two principles will make one of the best diet plans for men.

Looking for a meal plan for weight loss? Well, the above stated diet plans for men will offer the best ways to lose weight in a natural manner. Men are therefore advised to follow the above diet in addition to their daily workouts for the best results in weight reduction quest.

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